Monday, January 27, 2014


So, this last week was an adventure.  We still havent been split but it is probably going to happen eventually.  We heard that 2 minis (mini missionaries, people that are preparing for missions here.  There are normally about 30 of them throughout the mission serving at any given time) are preparing to come out here, and the only elders that are not a greenie or training a greenie here are us two, but no one has told us anything yet so we will keep going.

I heard from Elder Jensen this week.  He is serving as a secritary.  He is not any better but he can survive.  That is a lot of faith on his part.  I am just super happy that he is still here.

Happy Birthday to Grandma Low, Grandma Deanna, and Lindsey that all have birthdays or already had birthdays recently.  

So this week we have done some great stuff.

1st, so we started teaching a bunch of youth on the street every night.  We don´t have a young mens right now, but we are teaching like 20 of them in mass on the street which is really difficult to help specifically, so after a bit more we will start talking more indivdually to the families of those who are more promissing.  It will also help when our new church is here. We are still waiting on a boat.  Pray for that.

So this week we had some stellar days.

On Thursday we had to do the baptism interviews of William, Cely, and Ana. Denise and Joaquim were up in the air until friday morning when Elder Drawe left.  Hopefully they will make it this week!

William was supposed to come down but couldn´t make it for the interview, and was sick, but we called fransisco and he organized all of this stuff and they trucked it down (litterally) and william had to have help getting up the stairs to the interview, but nailed it!

The Baptism was awesome too.  Everything is super hecktic because of distance and transportation and stuff, but it was still stellar!  Ana and Cely were the first members ever of Povoação, the main city here.  Super sweet!  They were confirmed on Sunday.  William was sick but made it to the baptism, and then was worsesunday so he will be confirmed next week.  

We have been teaching Cely´s brother, Sandro, and a little bit his girlfriend with whom he has a son, Ary, and so we sat down with them together and talked about eternal families and proclomation to the world on the family and stuffed and marked a marrage and baptisimal dates.  Sweet.  This transfer our theme is "Últimos Dois Minutos"  The last two minutes.  When you are in a sport or something and you push super harder for the last two mins.  That is how we are running this transfer.  We also had some super stellar experiences training members and helping people understand their roles. 

We also had 5 investigators in church, and 6 less actives, some of which we have been working with for a while that finally came!  Great!

We are growing slowly but surely!
Spiritual thought for the week is about Revelation.  That is the point.  Pray=Get Revelation.  Scriptures=Get Revelation.  Church=Get Revelation.  All these other things=Get Revelation.

What are you doing to get more revelation on a daily basis?

Elder Sampson

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