Monday, December 2, 2013

No Comp Week Explained

So, first of I am going to explain the whole companion thing this week.
So Elder Jensen left to praia monday to see a doctor.  I stayed with the other two elders in cova figueira, Elder halblieb and Elder Pires.  I tried to do divisions throughout the week but all of the people who were supposed to walk with me wouldn´t show up and wouldn´t answer their phones.  It taught nothing in my área until thrusday.
Thursday was thanksgiving.  We ate the normal spaghetti with canned fish, and had no special food.  Thats okay though.  The person that was supposed to walk with me at least when it got time to go, bailed on me but at least this time he went and found someone that could walk with me that doesn´t have a phone (there are only about 5 options becaue they have to be a melchesidic preisthood holder and cant be working and stuff like that).  I worked my área with him all Thursday, and got another member all of Friday.  In those two days I taught as much as last week all together.  The Lord knew the desires of my heart and blessed me a lot.  I marked a bunch of dates for baptism, and started on two marrages so that these people can get baptized which is sweet.  Saturday I went on a split with Elder Pires becase Elder Jensen came back and someone had to stay with him. He is no better.  The doctor said that he has a bad sinus infection and that is causing the headeches, but he is still the exact same.  Probably he will stay in throughout all of this week again, which makes life very hard for me trying to work this área.  Church was an inprovement.  We had 80 people there which we can start to build on.  I also did a training with the ward missionaries and started teaching them how to teach the missionary lessons so that they can start to teach after baptism.  We had to leave church early because Elder Jensen is dying, so right now, it sort of feels like I am trying to pull the work in the área through a very small tube, and it is taking everything I can to just keep the área moving a little bit. Sunday is Transfers and I will have a new companion and hopefully I will be able to work.  The Lord has taught me so much though during this transfer.  I just want to work.  So, to sumarize, Elder Jensen isn´t better, and I am still pretty much working alone, it is just a lot harder now because I have to find someone to stay with him and to work with me.  I have a million appointments, but I don´t know how many of them I will actually be able to get to.
This week was a grand adventure though.  Missionary life is great but interesting right now.  Vamos ver o que vai acontecer.

This week I had a great experience with some crazy people.  A lot of the old people are a little rediculous.  One lady that will be baptized next week just always responds, "Sim Senhor" "Palavras de Deus" "Seguir Deus" and stuff (Yes Sir, Words of God, Follow God). 

Today we played soccer again.  It is lots of fun, and a lot of people here are really good.  Elder Halblieb played for AF, Elder Martinez played for some touring competitive legue, and the natives are really good, but probably not as good as they think they are.
Well, Love You All.
Hope All Stays Well At Home!
Elder Sampson

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