Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Late (coming on Tuesday instead of Monday)

So yesterday I was traveling all day and so I couldn't email.  I am still not to my new area.  All 4 of us in Cova Figueira left.  Elder Jensen is going to Mindelo where I am email right now but he wont be here for a bit longer.  His head is worse, but they have the best hospital here, so he will see a doctor in the next week, and if he will either get better or will have to go home which is very difficult for him.  Going home early is one of the hardest things for any missionary, and he already did it once and then came back after a year and a half.  Please continue to pray for him.  

I got transfered from the Southern Most area to the northern most area.  I am going to the island of Santo Antão which is the biggest island here but it only has 6 missionaries.  Also as of today, all of the islands have missionaries.  Last transfer Maio opened, and today São Nicolou (Sawou Nichole-ahw) 

I am super excited to serve and my companion Is great, but more about him next week.  We are going right now to buy a ticket for the fastferry which will take me from here to my island.  I left Fogo yesterday, Chilled in Praia a lot at the airport all day, then flew at like 11 to São Vicente and slept at the Zone Leaders house. Sweet.  I also got the two packages, one with Christmas stuff from family, and the other one form Grandma and Grandpa Low.  Thank You!  I had some problems getting them on the air plane and I had to pay almost 3000 escudos (33 dollars) to get them here.  That is okay though.

Congrats To Grandma and Grandpa on their Mission Call!!!

The Temple is sweet.  I challange everyone who is able to attend the temple twice this week, the first time pondering what you need to do to Come unto Christ more, and the second time pondering how you will do it.  If you can´t make it to the temple twice though, try to ponder about these things throughout the week.

I think we are going to buy a boat ticket now so I can go to my area.  We have 4 baptisms this week which will be sweet.

I Love You All!

Elder Sampson

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