Monday, July 20, 2015

I've seen rotisary chicken, but rotisary pig... Now that's new!

Dear Everyone,

I just wanted to wish happy birthday to the best mother on the planet!!!

This week there was a giant fair here to celebrate the coming of her birthday.  There were animals and things to sell, and food, and lots and lots of people.  It was super fun, except we didnt have time to go take a look, although we did cut through it a few times.  One highlight was a large rod about 10 feet long with a whole roasted pig on it.  Beautiful.

This week was full of miracles.

One of those was with Kevin, who has been strugging a lot recently.  We went to talk to him yesterday, (actually to talk to his brother, but he was gone and kevin was there) and we sang a hymn and prayed and then had no idea what to do.  At all.  Kevin was super lethargic.  He said he just feels mentally sick all the time.  Everything is going bad, not just gospel stuff.  We prayed and begged God that he put words into our mouths.   The only impression was, wherever you go, make sure that you go with your companion as one.  So we went, and over about an hour, there was a huge transformation in him that could not be caused by anything except for a miracle.  He walked out of his house with us on his way to visit the widows and the fatherless, to show the Love of Jesus Christ.
Elder Barrus and I are finally teaching super well together.  It really started yesterday morning.  We were excited too, because the afternoon passed and we recieved no phone call, then in the early evening, President Mathews called and transfered me.  You can´t do that.  :(

But!  huge blessing.  For whatever reason, I have to stay here until Friday, so I get another half a week to live on this fountain of miracles.

I am going to Mindelo which is where the second of the stakes was made.  Big city.  I will have about 4 weeks of mission time in the big city with a ward and fully funtioning organizations.  It will be a blast.  I will be serving with Elder Adams, who I know really well.  He is from Lehi.  I am super excited.  I will still be in the same zone, so if zone conference is early next month, I may be able to see Elder Barrus before I get transfered out.

The Lord answers our prayers and our fasts.  He gives us what we need.
Last week we found a lady who has been, unbeknognst to us (is that a word?), reading the book of mormon for a while.  Her 4 year old daughter has a strange desease, and she has been reading and praying to show God that she wants his help.  She hasnt felt like she has recieved any yet though.  We got to testify that God has heard her prayers.  The Book of Mormon also gave her many answers.  I fasted to prepare for the blessing we were going to give her daughter.  We went over and talked about the plan of salvation first, and then she asked us, How does the baptism thing work.  We started to teach and testify, and then President Mathews interupted our teaching, so Elder Barrus left to the hall, and I taught about a new birth through baptism, then we switched, and not knowing what I had taught, he taught about how it is a promise with God, then I walked back in, not knowing even what was happening exactly, and invited her to be baptised because it felt right.  She accepted, and in her prayer prommised God that if He will pull her though this trial of her daughter, she will keep all his Commandments and be baptised.  She is going to Mindelo this week to see some better doctors.  Pray for her.  Her name is Laricia.  I dont remember her daughters name.  The fasting also payed off, as Elder Barrus was inspired to profer a blessing of healing to her daughter, and then we gave her a blessing of comfort.

I am so grateful for this work and Prayer and Fasting, and the Holy Preisthood that I have been blessed to hold.
Please, please, please do not undervalue the power of the Holy Ghost and the Resored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all,

Elder Sampson

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