Monday, April 21, 2014

The power of the Lord our God

Hello Everyone!
It is great to hear that Grandma and Grandpa got to Ukrane in safety and are now serving in the temple!
This past week was great.
The highlights of this week.
We went to Sao Vicente again which was bad because we were out of our area for 2 days, but is twas good because of the stuff that happened.  We had a zone meeting on saturday morning that was very inspired.  It was great to have people preparing by the spirit.  We also went to contact people in the street in the middle of the meeting, and we contacted like 4 because we were faster than some people.  One guy wanted us to give him money for food, so we went to a street vending place and bought 3 grilled cheese sandwitches, but when we came back he was gone, and we couldn´t find anyone and had to go back in and so we had some great grilled cheese sandwitches.
Also on Friday night, we were staying with Elder Lundeen in his house.  We did a division which was awesome.  We were comps in the MTC and this was the first time that we had taught real people together while actually speaking portuguese.  Haha.  We walked around for a while, then found a Melchesidic preisthood holder less active, and his family that used to have the missionarires over at their house every day 8 years ago.  It was good.  Elder Lundeen has become a powerful missionary.  It was great to teach with him.
We had the Stake president with us this weekend and got some needed trainings which was great. He and I spoke on sunday.  I spoke about the resurection.  A lot of catholics went to church yesterday, and then at like 5 in the afternoon, Benfica, which is a portugal soccer team, won the championships, so everyone was out drumming, and banging stuff, and making stuff with their jerseys and flags and everything of Benfica, then lots of people got drunk and it was not a very spiritual easter any more.  :(
So this week Joaquim is getting baptised.  Elder Naylor and I started teaching him in December, and he has been ready for 4 months, but wanted to get baptised in his own building because he owns the building we now have church in, but we still don´t have a font, but the spirit has worked with him little by little, and now he is getting baptized.  I am so happy and excited for him.

The Lord has power to change hearts.  He does it with people here and he has done it with Me.
The first part is prayer.  I envite everyone to evaluate your prayers please.  It is important for your salvation.
If we don´t have the happiness and peace from prayer, it is because the Lord is telling us to let the Spirit guide our prayers!

Good luck to everyone that is ending school!

Elder Sampson

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